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The Accounting Society seeks to provide students at the Bauer College with an experience that will expand their knowledge about the accounting profession and enhance their ability to make a sound decision regarding their future careers. We endeavor to prepare students for real world experiences while helping them develop leadership, communication skills, and connections with other students and professionals. Ultimately, we want our members to be proud, confident, and indispensable to any company that comes their way.

Success Initiative

The Success Initiative is a set of goals that are determined by the President to help The Accounting Society grow stronger and to meet the needs of the organization during their term.
  • Increase corporate sponsorship by a minimum of 3 companies in the public accounting and oil/gas industry combined.
  • Have an additional 2 new social events to allow members to network with professionals and each other in new exciting environments. Expand community service opportunities by 2 events.
  • Incorporate Accounting Society Alumni into more events and establish a database to increase an alumni base for future semesters.
  • Work with other Bauer student organizations to do a minimum of 2 co-sponsored events.


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Top Member

  • Attend all events possible
  • Eligible for Officer Nomination
  • Eligible for Top Ten Member Scholarship

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  • Attend 4 Corporate Events, 3 Socials, 3 Fundraising, and 3 Community Service Events
  • Eligible for Officer Nomination
  • Eligible for Active Member Scholarship

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  • Pay Membership Dues
  • $45 per Semester/ $80 per Year
  • Eligible for Paid Member Scholarship

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