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Tuesday 4/23/2019 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Presentations due: Sunday April 21st, send to president@baueras.org
Location: MH 140
Contact: president@baueras.org
If you are interested in running for an officer position, be sure to come out to this event! The available positions are:
Member/Alumni Relations
Volunteering Coordinator
Information systems
Fundraising Coordinator
Operations and Logistics
Public Relations
Socials Coordinator
Jr. Corporate Officer
Sr. Corporate Officer
Treasurer * requires prior officer experience
Vice – President * requires prior officer experience
President * requires prior officer experience
Descriptions of the responsibilities of the roles if listed in the powerpoint posted on the groupme and here.
To be able to run, you must:
Be a paid member
Qualify as an active member
Be ready to serve with a smile!

Potential Officers will need to complete a presentation:
Slide 1: introduction
Slide 2: What are your hobbies? What is your background? Favorite social/corporate events, why? Where are you from? Where do you want to live in the future?
Slide 3: Your major. Why you chose that major. What career do you plan to pursue? Why would you like to take that path?
Slide 4: What position are you seeking to hold? Why do you want to hold that position?
Slide 5: What would you like to change about AS? What could you offer to members that would bring success to AS? Do you have any ideas for AS that you would like to implement?
Presentations are due by: April 21st, send to president@baueras.org